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From the Desk of Debbie Hamburg, Elementary School Principal

Debbie Hamburg, Elementary School Principal

As Jews, our life is marked by numerous special occasions that give us an opportunity to take time out of our everyday lives, leave work behind, and focus on G-d and his mitzvot.

Two such special celebrations occurred in our Elementary School last month. Our Kitah Aleph students received their first Siddur and our Kitah Bet students received their first Chumash.

Before our first graders received their Siddur, they were working on perfecting their reading (kriah) skills and using them to daven every day. They were establishing their personal connection to HaShem. Every  one of their prayers is part of a building block that forms a bridge from themselves to HaShem and solidifies this eternal connection. They are also developing their Jewish communal skills. Praying for themselves, their families, their friends, Israel, the IDF, and for Klal Israel emphasizes their responsibility for one another and our interconnected lives.  Now, praying with their Siddur, they are reconnecting with the G-dliness that is in each and every one of them.

The Talmudic sage, Shimon ben Lakish, (Resh Lakish), said that the world continues to exist only in the merit of the utterances of “tinok shel bet raban”, young children who learn Torah. And so our Kitah Bet students received their Chumash, a momentous step toward full fledged links in the chain that connects us to G-d and Klal Yisrael. Their daily study of Chumash not only increases their Torah knowledge but intensifies this relationship between G-d and Klal Yisrael.

These celebrations help to keep our tradition alive and contribute to a sense of community and belonging. May the excitement that the children had at their Siddur and Chumash celebrations continue throughout their lives as the Torah and tefilla guide them and keep them connected to Judaism, to G-d, and to Israel.

Mrs. Debbie Hamburg
Elementary School Principal



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