Becoming a Warrior Starts at Birth

Our Early Childhood Department offers programs for children from six weeks of age through Pre Kindergarten in a rich, stimulating and nurturing environment that encourages imagination, promotes creativity, and enhances aesthetic development. With an understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of every child, students are able to develop at his/her own pace. Our youngest Warriors learn to walk, talk, build memory and critical thinking skills, and interact with and understand the world around them through exploration and socialization.

Our STEAM approach to learning is interdisciplinary and thematic. STEAM integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into a cohesive learning model based on real-world applications. Our teachers plan their lessons integrating these six disciplines and tie it together to our Judaic, Ivrit and Zionistic programs. Supported by developmentally appropriate curriculum, our teachers carefully look at intent, process, and purpose as they put these pieces together to better build coherent and meaningful lessons that our little Warriors enjoy.


Our daughter Hailey has been in the baby room since she was 7 weeks old. One could imagine how nervous a mother would be to leave such a small newborn; however I could not be more confident to leave her in the care of Nirit, Dina and Tali. They are so kind and loving. My daughter gets to socialize, listen to music, have books read to her, finger-paint with different textures and media, play outside, and much more. Now, she is 10 months old and loves coming to school and seeing her teachers. I am so lucky to have Nirit, Dina and Tali as my child’s teachers. They are so devoted and nurturing. It is evident how much they love and care for each child."

-Mother, N2 and Infant Room

Transitioning from a baby to a boy is not an easy task for a child or a family. Morah Meryl and Morah Rebecca have made the process so easy for all of us. Shai goes to school happy and comes home happy. We see the love and attention he is getting from his new school family. Thank you for helping him develop Mensh qualities and guiding him through the beginning of his academic journey. He also sings songs all the time that he has learned in school. Thank you to Mr. Shlomik too."

-Mother, N2

I would like to thank Morah Ettie and Morah Nurit for being so caring and helpful in welcoming Uriah into Pre-Kindergarten not so long ago. You made the transition so easy for him! Thank you to Morah Raquel for being so helpful and always available to anything we need! Thank you Morah Laetitia and Morah Susan for making Talia's move to Miami Beach so easy! She walks into school knowing that there are always your warm hugs to welcome her!"

-Mother, Pre-K and N3