Academic Enrichment
Zaniac offers qualifying students in grades 1-5 an amazing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enrichment opportunity. Zaniac was founded in 2012 to offer children a place where they can master foundational skills, learn about math and technology, and become scientists. Students enrolled in this enrichment program will participate in Tinkering, Zane Math, and Scratch. Currently, Zaniac offers STEM courses after school and Hebrew Academy is the only school where enrichment programming is incorporated during the school day. Students in grades 6-12 are placed into ability leveled classes according to their specific academic needs which include regular, honors, and Advanced Placement course opportunities.

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Academic Support 
(Academic Enhancement Program, AEP)
Students needing resource support in elementary school benefit from push-in or pull-out, small group reinforcement, targeting individual needs in the areas of reading, language arts, math, and Judaic studies. In middle school and high school, the resource teacher will monitor students' progress on a weekly basis and meet with students individually in order to ensure that assignments are completed in a timely manner. Students will have the ability to meet with the resource teacher on a regular basis in order to review organizational strategies, study for a test, ensure their planner is up to date, and receive homework assistance. If a student has been identified as having a Specific Learning Disability or other challenges that impact learning, accommodations or modifications can be provided as described in a current psychological-educational evaluation.

Students who are learning to speak English can receive support from our ESOL Program. English skills are assessed for each student and a learning plan is set into place which may include small group instruction two-four times a week, in-class support, modified curriculum, and/or Pass/Fail grading.

The Mechina program was developed in order to provide students who come from public school or a private school with a less rigorous Judaic background, a solid Judaic foundation.  The students are introduced to the Aleph Bet, basic Chumash skills, basic Ivrit, Davening, and Halacha. In Mechina our Judaic immersion program, students learn at their own level and then matriculate back to the regular classroom once their skills are on level.