A Warrior is Ever Changing

Built around the unique strengths of pre-teen and adolescents, the Hebrew Academy Charlotte Rohr Middle School program strives to encourage independent and critical thinking across all content areas. Students participate in a Judaic Studies and Secular studies program which includes semester long elective courses in the area of arts, technology, foreign language, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Each student is viewed as an individual who brings different ideas, interests, and learning styles to the classroom. Middle school classes incorporate blended learning platforms to further personalize learning for each student. Responsibility for yourself, your peers, and your community are instilled in the students through social emotional learning programs, service learning projects, and classroom activities. Middle School faculty are fully dedicated to and embrace the joys of teaching students in this age group who are rapidly changing and growing. Each day our faculty foster independence by providing challenge, guidance, and support as students work toward mastery. At the end of the Middle School years, students are well prepared to move on to high school.


My children thoroughly enjoyed the middle school trip to the Science Barge. Our dinner table was full of conversation about their respective trips. This was a hands on trip wherein information wasn't just thrown at them. They got to see, touch, feel and explore on their own. They said the young team at the barge were fun, interesting and answered all their questions! Thank you for planning an interesting and worthwhile yet educational school trip. I'm so glad to hear that the students were well behaved and thus put Hebrew Academy in a positive spotlight." 

-Caroline, Middle School Parent