Pre-K Takes a Trip to the Frost Museum of Science

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We went on our first Pre-K field trip. For some kids, this was their first time going on a school bus and to the Frost Museum. 

We started off by visiting the Frost’s Planetarium; the Frost Planetarium show carried us to the far reaches of known existence and spark the wonderment at the core of scientific exploration.  While watching Journey to the Stars, our students viewed extraordinary images from telescopes on the ground and in space and stunning, visualizations of physics-based simulations. They also experienced the life and death of the stars in the night sky, including the Sun. They virtually toured stellar formations, explored celestial mysteries, and discovered the fascinating, unfolding story that connects us all to the stars. Our students learned about how stars and planets are formed and how they evolve throughout the years. They also learned that the Sun is a star, but not the biggest star in the sky!

In the Aquarium, our students had the opportunity to learn about the vibrant surface of habitats in South Florida such as the Gulf Stream, Mangrove Forests and the Everglades. Our students had the opportunity to observe and explore marine life. In the top deck of the Aquarium, key South Florida ecosystems, including the Gulf Stream, are brought to life in the sweeping, 100-foot wide, 500,000-gallon Gulf Stream Aquarium, where mahi-mahi, devil rays, and hammerhead sharks travel through open water. There, they observed a hammer shark making his way around the tank.  In the coral reefs, they dipped their hands in the Florida Bay exhibit and touched a stingray!

They also explored the Engineering Design Lab, where they had to solve mystery puzzles and build sustainable structures. They strolled around the Feathers to the Stars exhibit, where they learned about the science behind flying, and studied Dinosaur characteristics. In the MeLab, they explored the amazing ways their bodies and minds work together, and how their daily choices can make it all work better. This was an outstanding experience for all.