Middle School Students Perform Acts of Chesed Throughout the Community

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Our Middle School students are always given the opportunity to participate in activities that focus on Chesed. Today, right before Rosh Hashana, our students performed acts of kindness on and off-campus. The 8th grade visited the Kosher Food Bank in North Miami Beach. The students packed, delivered, and organized supplies that have been donated to our school by our community. The students also spoke with one of the Kosher Food Bank representatives to learn about the role of the food bank in the Jewish community. The 7th-grade class was split into four groups, with each group visiting a senior citizen facility in our community. At the facilities the students participated in activities with the seniors such as creating art projects, serving lunch, and playing games. Our 6th grade stayed on campus and were assigned to classrooms throughout the early childhood and elementary divisions. Our students worked and played with the students in the classrooms on activities that focused on Rosh Hashana.