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Middle School Minimester Week 2023

Middle School Minimester Week 2023

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This week our students participated in our annual weeklong Minimester Program. Students were immersed in out-of-the-box courses which allowed their learning to expand outside the four walls of their classrooms. There were seven unique courses for students to choose from, each offering its own repertoire of engaging activities.

Crime and Punishment took our students deep into the legal system through courtroom experiences, and conversations with police officers and judges, students were able to understand how our justice system functions. The culmination of their learning will be a mock trial through which students will assume all the roles they studied this week.

Explore The Outdoors got to bask in the glory of being one with nature. Students spent the week exploring our beautiful home in South Florida and the importance of respecting our environment. Students gained a better understanding of the need for outdoor adventure and its benefits to our minds and body.

During the Animal Kingdom course, students learned from experts in the spheres of animal rights, medical care, and therapy.  They explored animal care from a Torah perspective to learn about caring for animals on Shabbat and other issues related to animals. Students gained a better understanding of how animals function in the world, how they help improve our lives, and what we can do to better serve animals and others.

Students participating in Explore the IDF got a true feel of what it takes to thrive in the Israeli army. From Krav Maga, to rock climbing, to boot camp, students were able to understand just how vital  Zahal is. Students have learned what it is like to serve as a defender of Israel. 

Fit for Life had a packed week of mindfulness, full-body workouts, and nutrition. Through daily exercises and visits to local farms, students gained an understanding of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The group is now more knowledgeable about how important it is to take care of our bodies from the inside out.

Architectural Photography jumped into learning about the principles of photography and architecture. Visits from our community members and meetings with local architects, students learned about the history of Miami Beach’s Art Deco style and the importance of its preservation. Students will develop a portfolio of their learning from the week to showcase what they have learned.

Sports Medicine tackled how to work out and recover in safe ways. They learned from athletes and medical professionals how to stay fit, and also how to stay at peak physical performance after various workouts. Focusing on techniques to develop endurance, students engaged in an active week of learning.

Unlock Creativity greatly enjoyed the week learning to focus on different perspectives. Each student customized their own “little buddy” to capture inspiring moments through a selfless and perspective lens. The group visited various galleries to see how artists define their own reality and experienced a private tour of the Rubell Museum to look at the artwork that has been recognized and valued by others. Students explored the expression of street art at the Wynwood Walls and learned about how art can be truly mindful and playful through our experience at the Paradox Museum. At school, the students selected photos that they believe best represent the experience of their “little buddy”, participated in a scavenger hunt of how to visually capture all five senses without context, and worked on a collage to reflect their collective perspective of a “successful student” with the use of recycled textbooks. Creativity has officially been unlocked! 

In the coming weeks, parents and community members will be invited on campus to our Minimester Showcase of Learning. Visitors will be able to see the culminating projects from their various courses. 

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