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High School


What a great week we just finished in High School. We started off with a town hall meeting that left me feeling an enormous sense of appreciation from parents for our teachers and staff. It also left me feeling tremendously grateful for the hard work and dedication put forth by our students for their efforts during this virtual time. On Tuesday, the Junior class wowed us all during their Multicultural Night. They had so much to say about their culture and heritage tracing back to great great grandparents. Their journey became the listeners journey and we all left feeling the melting pot and diversity that fills our student body. We learned so much about our students and their families’ journey to America. This project encouraged the students to talk to family members and they will hold on to those memories forever.

Today we will complete our week with a joint Middle School and High School Oneg Shabbat which is sure to be the perfect end to our academic week and to start Shabbat off right.  Next week, on Monday, at 9:00 a.m., we will have a model seder with our lucky Second Graders. They will learn about Pesach and all of the fun rituals while singing songs and drinking four cups of grape juice.

We will say goodbye to our Senior Class on Monday as well. They will begin their Capstone Senior Projects after the Pesach break and while we will see them virtually, they will officially be completing their coursework at Hebrew Academy. We are sad for what they have lost this year, but will continue to try to do everything virtually that we can to help them feel a sense of closure and good will towards the school for which many spent their childhood years.  We wish the Seniors so much success and all of you a Shabbat Shalom. Stay healthy and indoors and let us continue to pray for the ones who are ill.

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