Hebrew Academy Students Takeover the Franchise Expo 


On Thursday, February 20, the Business and Entrepreneurship class took a field trip to the Franchise Expo taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. At Franchise Expo South, hundreds of the hottest franchise concepts and opportunities were on display. Franchise Expo South also offered our students a chance to participate in the industry’s most comprehensive educational program to gain the ins and outs, and behind the scenes information, needed to understand franchises and the business opportunities within. Thousands of entrepreneurs and future business owners from across the United States attended Franchise Expo South and our students were able to join them in learning about and engaging with many of the oldest brands and newest ideas. While at the conference, our students were model participants, asking pointed and informed questions of franchisors and even testing some of the products, including a new cryotherapy franchise (see photo). This trip was meant to bring to life many of the topics we are discussing in class, from idea selection, to start-up cost determination, and finally, operations. By speaking to real business owners and franchisors, our students gained an experience that will be very beneficial to their future business goals.