From the Desk of Raquel Sultan, Early Childhood Director

Raquel Sultan, Early Childhood Director

We cannot believe the end of this school year is just around the corner!

We have been extremely busy learning all about the holiday of Pesach and concepts such as slavery, and human rights, together with units such as; Ancient Egypt, and the Pyramids and personalities like Martin Luther King, Theodore Herzog, and Golda Meir. As you walk by every classroom you will see the excitement and anticipation of the holiday. They can’t wait to show you all their beautiful art projects, especially their Haggadot.

Our Pre-kindergarteners are looking forward to their visit to the Frost Museum where they will partake in many exhibits, particularly the Planetarium. There, they will get to see firsthand how the solar system works. On April 10, students in N3 and Pre-K will make their way to the ocean in their pajamas in celebration of Yetziat Mitzrayim. This is one of the highlights of the year!

We are also looking forward to one of our favorite celebrations: Yom Haatzmaut! Every year our Early Childhood Department gets together and embarks on a magical trip to Eretz Israel. With every year that goes by, our love and gratitude for Eretz Israel exceeds the year before. Every year we realize how important it is for our teachers to instill in our children, admiration, and appreciation for our land and our people.

In our Makerspace/STEAM Lab, we have been engaging our students in computer science. They are mastering skills in coding and programming using devices such as KIBO, Cubbetto, BeeBot, and Botley, and apps such as; Book Creator, Scratch Jr., and others. The Pre-kindergartners are working on a top-secret mission which they will get to demonstrate on their graduation day.

This year our Yeladim in Pre-K chose to highlight STEAM learning as their graduation theme. We look forward to June 3 and 4, (details will follow) when once again we send our seniors to the next phase of their lives as they transition into Elementary School. We know that this group is ready to tackle the world; they have all the necessary tools to be successful and productive learners who in just a few years will become most important members of our community and without a doubt, outstanding advocates of Eretz Israel.

Raquel Sultan
Early Childhood Director