From the Desk of Dr. Dara Lieber, High School Assistant Principal

Dr. Dara Lieber, High School Assistant Principal

This past season, the “College Admission Scandal” has taken over all publications as well as the mass media.

The “super rich” and "privileged” as we have heard-paid off tutors and often college coaches with exorbitant monetary gifts in this widespread scandal, all to insure that their children got admitted to the “Best schools.”

This scandal was was what precipitated the College Board to announce today that in addition to the SAT score, there will be an “Adversity” score attached to each student’s file.

One hundred and fifty colleges have announced that they will use these scores to help build a more “ diverse” admitted student body. The student’s high school 
population, geographical location, and even crime statistics will factor in the adversity score, ranging from 1-100. One hundred being an extremely crime ridden area that the applicant has experienced.

This is being done to “level the playing field.” The College Board states that this will hopefully increase diversity in college admissions and the college student body. Critics argue this is “reverse discrimination” and is bowing to political correctness.

With the recent College Admissions Scandal and the backlash against the privileged, we now have an arbitrary system to calculate an applicants “adversity.” We at the Hebrew Academy are proud of our graduates admission rates into a wide variety of colleges and universities. Our students are well prepared and receive admission to many selective colleges across the country.
We have a true professional and honest college admissions process. We also have a college counselor who advocates for each and every student, and helps them reach their goals whatever they may be. 

We will continue with our fair and honest college application process, and hopefully our students will meet with success in this complicated, intimidating and confusing process.

Remember, as Mrs Enis always says: “College is a journey - not a destination”

Dr. Dara Lieber
High School Assistant Principal