Alumni Spotlight with Lee Rosenblum (Class of 1968)

Lee Rosenblum, Class of 1968
How did you come to attend Hebrew Academy? 

Like so many others at the time, I came to Hebrew Academy as an alternative to the very poor Florida Education System in the 1960's.

What were some of your favorite memories of Hebrew Academy?

I was intrigued as a child by studying Talmud in the mornings with Mr. Perach and science in the afternoons with Joe Ackner.

What path did your life take after Hebrew Academy?

I went on to a brief career as a working musician and then went into finance. I gave up finance to pursue a living that blended with my personal philosophy and culture. Fast forward to today, I am the CEO of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs, specializing in Pro-Israel Advocacy Within the European Union.

What is your message to current students?

To the next generation of Warriors I say immerse yourself in your Jewish education at the HA! It will at some point bring inspiration to you and those around you. It will also bring you tremendous pride and courage to stand up for yourself, your people and what you believe in.

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