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Warrior Auction for Education FAQ

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What is the Warrior Auction for Education?

The Warrior Auction (previously the Chinese Auction), allows us to raise needed funds for student scholarships. With over 60% of our students receiving financial aid, every little bit counts. 

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How does it work?

Go online to and review the prizes under the various categories. Select the number of tickets you wish to get for each prize and add them to your cart. The suggested donation amounts are available at every price point, so everyone is able to participate in the auction. On the day of the Auction, one winner will be randomly selected for every prize.

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How is this different from a silent or live auction?

This Auction is more accessible to everybody at any price point, as opposed to other auctions, where the person with the highest bids win. 

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When and where will the prizes be chosen?

Winners will be selected at our FREE CommUNITY Yom Ha'Atzmaut celebration, on May 8, at 6:15 pm. The drawing will take place in the gym after fireworks at around 8:30 - 9:00 pm. Make sure you pre-register for the event at

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Do I have to buy my tickets online? 

We recommend that you buy tickets online, in advance, but Auction tickets will also be available for purchase at the CommUNITY Yom Ha'Atzmaut event.

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Can my child purchase tickets?

The Warrior Auction is for those 18 and up, but we encourage your children to give their input on which prizes they would like to win. Because an auction is considered gambling by the State of Florida, legally, tickets can only be purchased by an adult 18 years of age or older, however, we encourage your children to give you their input on which prizes they are most excited about - or which prizes they are most excited to win - or hope you win.

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Where can I pick up my prize?

Prizes will be available to be picked up the night of the drawing in the Hebrew Academy Gym. For some prizes, a winner will receive a certificate with instructions on how to claim the prize from the donor. Make sure to read all of the descriptions, as certain prizes will be forfeited after 14 days if they are not picked up.

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What if I don't win?

While only one person can win each prize, we are very thankful for every participant who helped us with their donation through participating in the Auction. Every single dollar goes towards a good cause - helping our students receive the highest caliber Jewish and college preparatory education! Thank you for being a Warrior for Education!

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What if I have more questions?

Please contact Adi Raz, Director of Development, at or 305-532-6421 x111.