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High School Clubs

Hebrew Academy students will tell you that their personal interests are embraced. We are pleased to offer multiple clubs for our students. If a student seeks a club that does not exist in the school, they are empowered to create that club with the help of many willing faculty advisors. There really is something for everyone at Hebrew Academy. Here is an example of just a few  of our clubs:


Hebrew Academy is pleased to support the dramatic arts.  Beginning with Early Childhood and Elementary School, students participate in annual grade level performances on stage.  As the student's personal interests grow, we also offer Drama as an after school activity for Elementary School students, and as an elective on our Middle and High School programs.  Drama is also available as an after school club for Middle and High School students featuring two annual productions.  Recent performances include: Charlotte's Web and The Odd Couple, and coming soon is Class Action.

Film Club 

The film club meets weekly to watch and discuss movies, and aims to expose our student to a wide variety of films based on subject, time period, directorial style, etc.

Engineering Club 

Students work collaboratively using engineering skills and knowledge to work on semester-long projects. This semester students are working on a cost-effective prosthetic hand.

Wizo (Women's International Zionist Organization)

Wizo aims to give strength and support to women in Israel through various programs ranging from educational support programs to supporting shelters for women who suffer from domestic abuse.

Friendship Circle Club 

Recruits, plans, and participates in events and activities for members of the Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization that pairs up students with children and teenage members of the special needs community.

Chessed Club

Helps initiate and run chessed (acts of kindness) initiatives in conjunction with the school and student council. 

Model UN

Trains for and participates in Yeshiva University's annual Model United Nations Conference, where students learn about and ultimately represent the interests of a country in a "mock" United Nations.

WISE (Women Inspiring and Supporting Each Other) 

Founded for women to help and support each other, WISE attempts to break down some of the negative stereotypes associated with feminism through social action, discussion of current affairs, and participation in local government.

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) 

Educates students about various dynamics of the American-Israeli relationship and how to best support Israeli interests in America. Some students are then selected to attend the annual AIPAC Policy Conference..

Warrior Word Club (School Newspaper)

A weekly online publication dedicated to topics and articles that are of interest to our students. Topics include divrei torah, sports, student council, special programs, etc. 

Yearbook Club

Students put together annual yearbook using state-of-the-art "Treering" program, aiming to include all grades in the high school.