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Middle School Students Competing in the Cadena Initiative

As part of their unit of study on natural disasters, the 7th and 8th grade science classes will be participating in a competition known as the Cadena Initiative this year. On Tuesday representatives from the Cadena Foundation came to visit the science classes. They introduced the students to the Cadena Foundation, the services they provide, and what the Cadena Initiative is all about.

The Cadena Foundation is a humanitarian non-profit organization committed to providing aid, hand in hand, to people affected by natural disasters around the world. The foundation develops long-lasting, cost-efficient solutions that enhance the quality of living for vulnerable communities around the world.

The Cadena Foundation is an ambassador to the United Nations, serving as an official spokesperson in resilience strategies, and an active participant in the United Nations World Humanitarian Summit. Cadena is the only Jewish Latin American member of the START Network, the largest humanitarian group of leading NGO’s.

Apart from the humanitarian aid missions, Cadena works with many Jewish schools to make a significant contribution to the formation and education of the community. Cadena has created programs like Cadena Young, Cadena Initiative, and youth Cadena to engage children in their mission, showing them that, no matter their age, they can make a difference just by caring.

The Cadena Initiative is a contest of ideas that our Middle School students will participate in. They will propose an idea to prevent or respond in a better way to a natural disaster. The project promotes skills such as research, analysis, and problem-solving. Our students will present their projects to Cadena representatives at our school and the top three will be selected to compete in the county competition. The winner of the county competition is flown to Mexico City for the national competition. The winning idea from that competition is implemented by Cadena.

The Middle School students are very excited and motivated to be a part of this initiative. Please continue to check happenings or stop by the Science Lab to see how their projects are coming along.

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