Dear Hebrew Academy Families,

We hope you and your families are healthy. 

With great enthusiasm and commitment to our Hebrew Academy community, I’m writing to launch our COVID EMERGENCY FUND.

Throughout the Torah, the word “Kavod” has many different meanings depending on the context. Some of the meanings include honor, glory, and respect. 

As we enter into the Sefer of Bamidbar, we learn about the Ananey Hakavod, the clouds of glory. These weren’t ordinary clouds, these were unique clouds of protection, that protected the Jewish people from all challenges as they traveled through the desert.  Right now, more than ever, we all have a shared goal of “Kavod,” respect and protection. My focus is on the following five areas of protection as they relate to our Hebrew Academy family: 

  1. Financial Protection

  2. Educational Protection

  3. Spiritual Protection

  4. Physical Protection 

  5. Institutional Protection 

Hebrew Academy continually enriches and protects its honor, glory, and respect. I encourage everyone to ask themselves: Where have you seen Hebrew Academy shine in “Kavod” during COVID-19?  For some, it was while celebrating Lag B’Omer together as a community as we safely provided 900 complimentary BBQ dinners to our Warrior families and staff. For others, it is the daily distribution of 150 meals to the entire Miami Beach community. 

I marvel at the “Kavod” that I witness and experience each and every day. Our students, parents, staff, and Board have all contributed to Hebrew Academy’s special sense of “Kavod.” I thank you all for partnering with us on this journey as we protect one another. 

Please consider contributing to our COVID EMERGENCY FUND.

If you are unable to contribute, please post and share this page with your family members, friends, and colleagues. 

Let us all pray that the Annaney Hakavod return to the world, and we all merit to see Hashem’s Glory being revealed and complete protection. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful support and generosity.


Rabbi Shaye Guttenberg
Head of School 

To contribute by check, please mail your donation to:

Hebrew Academy 
Attention: Susie Stern, Director of Development
2400 Pine Tree Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33140

For more information, please contact Susie Stern at