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Rabbi Avi Bossewitch

At the Hebrew Academy, we continue to be at the forefront of 21st Century, modern, schooling rooted in timeless Torah values. Hebrew Academy has an exceptional educational leadership team and faculty, who are all passionate learners constantly seeking to improve their craft.

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In addition to having exceptional educators, Hebrew Academy has fostered robust and unique affiliations and partnerships with top curriculum developers in both Judaic and General Studies to ensure the highest caliber educational program. These partnerships continue to position Hebrew Academy as an innovative leader in many educational domains, including Blended and Personalized Learning, STEAM education, Social and Emotional learning (SEL), and Halacha and Gemara. 

As technology has become ubiquitous in today's rapidly evolving landscape, we at Hebrew Academy continue to embed technology across all learning environments as a robust tool to maximize, as well as personalize, student learning. 

Hebrew Academy students learn vital 21st Century skills and fluencies as they become critical thinkers, collaborators, creators, and innovators. 

The program aims to engage, inspire, and equip every student, for the world of today and beyond.

As a school of excellence, we are always closely monitoring the latest and emerging trends across the field of education. Please click here to see some of the latest trends and ideas informing the world of education.


Rabbi Avi Bossewitch
Dean of Academics and Innovation