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Torah Tidbits with Tirtza Schapiro

Tirtza Schapiro, Judaic Studies Teacher

Parshat T'tzave

This week’s Parsha opens with the words, “And You Shall Command”, speaking to Moshe that he should command his brother Aron in regard to making the clothing for the high priest.

This opening statement differs from the usual command where Hashem speaks to Moshe by calling him by his name.  It would seem that Moshe is being slighted by not being referred to by name but rather “you”?

On the contrary, a name is a description and identity of a person or place. When saying “you” that infers that the person is face to face with the other. The use of the pronoun indicates that there was a personal one-on-one interaction between Hashem and Moshe!

Unfortunately, today we interact with each other using  many forms of social media and miss out on the importance of face to face communication. This Parsha is a reminder to all of us the importance of communicating with each other in a way that allows us to really connect to the “you” of our fellow Jew.

Tirtza Schapiro
High School Judaic Studies Teacher

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