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Third Grade Robotics Students are Engaged in Engineering, Math, and Science

  • Third Grade Robotics

    EV3 Space Missions


EV3 Space Missions

Third Grade students are using math to complete different space missions. They had to measure and estimate their findings. They needed to divide to know how to program the rotations of the wheels. They also began working with decimals and units of time. Some of the space missions were:

Science through LEGO Engineering: Animal Studies (Tufts University Curriculum):

Students had to design a model of one closely studied animal. The purpose of studying and modeling an animal is to, (1) practice observing and modeling the animal, (2) learn how the animal is structured and how it behaves, and (3) consider how the structure and behavior of the animal enables survival in their environment. 

Novel Engineering (Tufts University Curriculum): 

Students read the book "The Mouse and the Motorcycle" by Beverly Cleary. They identified that one of the characters was having a problem Ralph, a small mouse fell into the wastebasket. The students designed a realistic solution to help Ralph get out. They engaged using the Engineering Design Process as their literacy skills were reinforced. 

Community Centered Designs: 

By listening to their peers, students were able to identify an area they wanted to improve in our school. They are working on building a device that can help students clean up quickly and effectively after lunch. They are continually iterating, refining, and improving their work. Good citizenship and teamwork is encouraged throughout the design process. 

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