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Second and Fifth Graders Collaborate on Fluor Engineering Challenge

  • Flour Engineering Challenge 2018

This week the Second and Fifth graders collaborated on the Fluor Engineering Challenge, an international competition for students in grades K-12. Students were divided into teams and the object of the challenge was to build a ball “launcher” device to launch a ball as far as possible and a "receiver" to catch it. Building a receiver provides an extra twist to a traditional catapult project. Added to the challenge was using a limited set of materials to build the machine and calculating a score based on the throw distance and materials used.

It was wonderful to see the two grade levels work together using the design process. Students had to imagine, plan, design, build and then improve on their design. The team that launched the ball the farthest into the receiver were called "The Ballers". Congratulations to: Yosef Gilinski, Ariella Nahmani, Charlotte Kavana and Nathan Wasserman. The ball flew 25 feet across the room and landed into the receiver. 
The teams learned much about working together and learned about levers and inclined planes. They also learned about kinetic energy, the energy of motion in order to have the ball fly through the air. But most importantly,  they learned about the engineering design process in which they may have needed to come up with multiple designs to make their ball launch through the air and that’s ok! Real engineers rarely get things right on their first try!
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