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Responsible Urbanization: 7th Graders Work to Repair Ecosystem with School Garden

  • 7th Grade Garden

    Tu B'Shvat 5778/2018

Inspiring each and every child to improve the world

This Tu B’Shvat our 7th grade students realized our school mission. As part of their ongoing exploration of responsible urbanization, they had the opportunity to teach the 6th and 8th graders about the challenges that this issue presents, specifically to the environment, and then take action to combat those challenges. Please enjoy the new landscaping in the front of the school, and keep your eyes open for butterflies and hummingbirds as the 7th graders’ garden will help to restore ecosystems that are being destroyed. In fact many of the species that they planted are on the verge of extinction. The words of our own Middle School student Kayla Herssein should inspire us all to take care of our environment and improve the world around us:

"I thought that the Tu B'Shvat morning was a big success. It was really inspiring and fulfilling to see the other students' eyes light up with the knowledge that I had just taught them. I felt that my presentation easily helped them understand the issue of urbanization, and made them more aware that they should do their best to protect nature in any way they can. Presenting also helped me realize that I, as well as everyone who knows about this certain issue, has a responsibility to educate others on how we can help develop a solution for nature's plight. The planting itself taught me a few things as well. I actually went out of my comfort zone by getting all dirty, and that made me realize how distant I am from nature and the world around me. I decided that I would try to get out more and be more aware of nature. The plants were all beautiful and colorful, and I was more than happy to make school a beautiful and nature-friendly place. I thought that the Tu B’Shvat morning was a great idea, and that we should continue to not only take care of the plants in school, but every plant, tree, animal, and ecosystem out there in the world."


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