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High School Students Build Futuristic City of Miami Beach

Following a unit on urbanization and city development in the 1900s, students in Mr. Berman's 11th grade US History class fast forwarded to the year 2100, building futuristic cities. Researching the impacts of climate change, population increase, education, economics, and more, students built cities that would hold up and flourish in the future. One group led by Juniors Kayla Abromowitz, Sarah Saftie, Daniella Shakib, and Sherri Shahar focused on Miami Beach. Understanding that sea level rise was Miami's greatest threat, these four students built a domed city with a lift system as a means of transportation. In addition, all groups presented a historical presentation on how cities in the past were built and how their city would be built, with the goal of convincing a young family to move to that city. Students enjoyed the project and learned a great deal about the importance of modern urbanization as Abigail Gottlieb said, "The challenge of building a thriving city under the constraints of global warming and its impact on all aspects of a city was fascinating to me. Understanding the financial impact and the cost just to prepare a city to survive and thrive was incredibly challenging."

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