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High School Holds First Ever Math Olympics

This year, our High School Math department started a new initiative and decided to do something out of their ordinary routine, a Math Olympics. The Math Olympics would not necessarily yield winners that are the best math students, but may have winners with a different skill set than others. Each day for a two week period each math class, from the college prep level to the AP tracks would compete with brain teasers culminating with two winners from each class competing on Monday, December 24, at the Math Olympics. Students from all grades and levels sat nervously as the math department put a series of brain teasers up on PowerPoint and they were given paper and pencil with a finite amount of time to answer the questions. Students were eliminated very quickly. Ultimately, we had a winner and then played for the number two and three slots. With the remaining time we asked questions to all students in the audience. It was a great way to make math fun for everyone and get out of the classroom. Each winner was given a gift card to enjoy. We are already planning one for next year!

Math Olympic Winners:

First Place
Yosef Fruhman (10th Grade) 

Second Place
Aorel Abotbol (10th Grade)

Third Place
Michael Mimoun (9th Grade)



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