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High School Chemistry Students Learn about Air Pollution and Acid Rain Using GlobiLab Equipment

High School chemistry students in both general and honors sections learned about acids and bases and performed labs using our GlobiLab equipment. This is part of the Labdisc system, an all-in-one lab solution, developed by the Israeli company, GlobiSens.

In Honors Chemistry, students worked on an acid-base titration, which allowed them to find an unknown concentration of an acid. Using the GlobiLab equipment to monitor the pH, students attempted to create a neutral solution. Students then used the information they collected to create a titration curve with a graphing interface. This allowed them to find the unknown concentration. 
General Chemistry students learned about pH in the context of air pollution and acid rain. In order to demonstrate the effects of acid on fauna, students first tested many common items, such as lemon juice, vinegar,  and bleach in order to determine the relative pH of the liquids. They then chose acidic liquids and designed experiments to determine if plants were adversely affected by the acids.
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