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Hebrew Academy Becomes First Jewish Day School To Introduce Israeli Stem Lab Program

This year, Hebrew Academy (RASG) became the first Jewish Day School to introduce Labdisc, a portable STEM lab created in Israel that enables very high level experiments across all scientific disciplines.

The Labdisc system is an all-in-one lab solution developed by the Israeli company, Globisens. Each unit allows students to collect data on air pressure, GPS, light, pH, sound level, voltage, and more. This mobile science laboratory has a chargeable trolley containing 16 tablets and Labdiscs for an entire class.

Labdisc has proven very effective in classrooms, having been implemented in schools around the world with students as young as 2nd Grade. Within months of release, Labdisc won two of the most prestigious international awards in the education sector.

“These devices are made to be portable, so we can use an expanded classroom model and take the students outside or into the community, while still protecting our investment. Labdisc portable units are meant to be used by students, which means the teacher can focus on student learning, and not on making sure the equipment doesn't get broken,” said Eve Zack, Science Department Chair.

Hebrew Academy is committed to 21st century learning, consistently finding new ways to integrate technology into classroom curriculum. “It has definitely revolutionized the way science is taught at the school, challenging students to think analytically, work collaboratively, and become scientific problem solvers,” said Sandra Bernstein, School Software Administrator and 21st Century Learning Specialist.

The integration of Labdisc into the science program is one of the ways that Hebrew Academy continues to be a pioneer in innovative learning. “Labdisc is the wave of the future! The portable Labdisc components will go with us into our new middle school/high school building. We are so excited that our students can now have more experimental, hands on learning,” said Dara Lieber, Fana Holtz High School Principal.

This program is possible thanks to the Eleanor Meyerhoff Katz z”l Teacher Initiative Award. Hebrew Academy was selected this year out of more than 20 submissions to receive this prestigious grant from the Eleanor M. and Herbert D. Katz Family Foundation. This is the second such award that Hebrew Academy has received this year from the Foundation.

“Since the founding pioneers opened Hebrew Academy seventy years ago, teacher-led innovation has been a vital component of how Hebrew Academy continues to set the bar for excellence. We are extremely grateful to The Eleanor M. and Herbert D. Katz Family Foundation for their creation of the Eleanor Meyerhoff Katz z”l Teacher Initiative Award, to recognize and invest in this area,”  said Rabbi Avi Bossewitch, Dean of Academics and Innovation.

To learn more about Labdisc, please visit for more information on the product.


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