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From the Desk of Raquel Sultan, Early Childhood Director

Raquel Sultan, Early Childhood Director

Dear Parents,

In our Early Childhood Department, we’ve been extremely busy learning and having the greatest time at it and we are looking forward to what next semester will bring.

Our Chanukah Festival of Lights was a great success! As always, we celebrated Chanukah in a grandiose way. We sang, danced, baked and worked on so many different projects. In addition, we gifted toys to the children of Chai Lifeline and warm undergarments to our Chayalim.

We continued with our many outstanding programs and activities. Our STEAM program is in full swing! Children in N3 worked on many different science experiments such as making slime and snow. They also worked on measurement using conventional and non-conventional tools. While using Codepillar and BeeBot, our students in N3 are beginning to code using coding maps. Students in Pre-K are working with our High School Engineering Club, learning all about different kinds of bridges. We love to collaborate and work conjointly with our high school peers. They also work extensively assembling their KiwiCo kits which they receive once a month. STEAM education enhances not only inquiry and research skills, it also engages our students in new ways of thinking by experiencing and experimenting with many different tools and materials.  Coding encourages our students to think in patterns and to master their visual and critical thinking skills. They are given many opportunities for trial and error and for self-evaluation, all early engineering and scientific skills.

Lasltly, we are looking forward to celebrating Tu B’Shevat, Purim, Pesach, Yom Haatzmaout, and Shavuot when we get back from our break. We are also looking forward to a sensational Yom Haatzmaout celebration, as Israel turns 71 years old.  

Raquel Sultan
Early Childhood Director

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