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From the Desk of Rachel Leubitz, AEP Program Director

Rachel Leubitz, AEP Program Director

One of the questions asked most frequently to me is “How can I make learning easier for my child?” Deborah Farmer Kris author of Five Strategies to Demystify the Learning Process for Struggling Students explains how to do this in five easy steps.

  • The Hiker Brain vs. The Race Car Brain

In this example, Kris describes that as a “hiker” you learn slowly by observing everything around you and you take your time to learn the material presented which proves to be a much richer learning experience than racing to the finish line in order to complete the task.

  • Chains and Chunks

“Learning is all about developing strong chains.”  Learning different processes in a step by step format allows the student to master the information and apply it in various scenarios. In other words, breaking down information into smaller more manageable parts that can then be linked together helps to solidify the information so the student is able to commit it to memory.   

  • The Power of Metaphor

When students are introduced to new material, they learn best when they are able to relate that material to themselves.  For example, when teaching students about the flow of electrons the professor compared it to the flow of water so the students could relate and begin to discuss the process.  It is very important for teachers as well as students to use this strategy in order to foster mastery of skills.

  • The Problem of Procrastination

All learners procrastinate, but struggling learners need to be trained how to maximize their time spent learning.  The best way to do this is by setting a timer and allow for “brain breaks.” This way the student will see success in their efforts and begin to increase their focus.

  • Expanding Possibilities

Once a struggling learner realizes their true potential, the possibilities are endless.  

These above mentioned strategies are important ways to allow learners of all types to rise to their maximum academic performance.  Every child is capable of learning, it is just a matter of finding the best way. The Academic Enhancement Team (AEP) works every day to provide children with the best strategies to unlock their true potential.

Rachel Leubitz
AEP Program Director

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