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From the Desk of Rachel Leubitz, Academic Enhancement Program Coordinator

Rachel Leubitz, Academic Enhancement Program Coordinator

This year our faculty has taken upon the task of learning how to fine tune our teaching practices through Doug Lemov's book Teach Like a Champion. The book is divided into four parts: Check for Understanding, Academic Ethos, Ratio, and Behavior and Culture. I will be focusing on Check for Understanding, most specifically, Affirmative Checking.  

In Affirmative Checking, students take an active role in checking for understanding, confirming (usually with the teacher) that their work is correct, productive, or sufficiently rigorous at key points before they move on to the next stage of a task.  
Affirmative Checking is a great tool that allows one to constantly check in to ensure that students have gained mastery of the material taught.  The teacher does not have to be the only person who is checking for understanding.  Students can work in pairs to ensure accuracy of the work completed or one student could use a teacher key to determine if the assignment was completed correctly.  One of the benefits of Affirmative Checking is that data is collected and can be used to track a student's strengths and weaknesses in a certain subject.  
Through the Academic Enhancement Program (AEP), the learning specialists are using Affirmative Checking on a regular basis to shape goals and guide their teaching daily.  We look forward to a year filled with mastery of information.  
Rachel Leubitz, M.S. CCC-SLP
Academic Enhancement Program Coordinator
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