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From the Desk of Dr. Ami Eskanos, Dean of Admission

I hope you all had a wonderful Chanukah and have been enjoying a few days of chilly weather. This shift from warm and humid, to cooler and drier, might not provide us with a full winter season, but it does bring us to Re-enrollment Season.  This is the time for you to re-enroll your children in school and reserve their spot in their classroom for next year. On Sunday, families will receive their re-enrollment contracts in the e-mail box of the mother for each household.  There will be one contract per child. It is important to open each contract, e-sign and submit each contract, and submit the registration fee for each child.  Once the contract and the registration fee are both submitted, re-enrollment will be complete. Currently enrolled families have priority re-enrollment from Sunday until January 18, 2019. Also, re-enrollment that is completed prior to January 18, will have the benefit of applying the registration fee toward tuition payments.  Thereafter, new students will begin to fill the spots of students who are not re-enrolled and registration fees will become penalty fees and will not be applied toward tuition.  This can be avoided by re-enrolling prior to the deadline.

On December 1, families that currently have scholarships, received our 2019-2020 scholarship packets, via US Mail.  Families that are fully re-enrolled and who submit their completed scholarship packets to us, and FACTS, by the February 1, deadline will receive a scholarship award by April 15, 2019, which is the earliest we have ever provided scholarship awards and is in line with the practices of schools in the surrounding area. With this new timeline we also have a new and very important deadline. Scholarship packets from currently enrolled families received after July 31, will not receive a scholarship award. Why this change? The reason is actually pretty simple. It has become a bad habit for families to delay the re-enrollment and scholarship application process. When families do not re-enroll and apply for scholarships on time, not only are they hit with large penalty fees, but we are also left with no idea how many children will be attending school. We need to prepare for the arrival of a specific number of students on the first day of school by ordering supplies, hiring teachers, and planning lessons. This becomes an impossible task when families delay enrollment and scholarship applications. Instead, please take advantage of our new timelines and processes, and avoid unnecessary late fees.

We look forward to an exciting 2019-2020 school year with you and your children.


Dr. Ami Eskanos
Dean of Admission

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