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From the Desk of Dr. Ami Eskanos, Dean of Admission

Dr. Ami Eskanos, Dean of Admission

You may have heard that we are moving to an on-line re-enrollment system. This is super exciting and will make it easier for you to re-enroll your children and it will also make it easier and faster for us to process your child’s registration.  Although it seems early to be talking about this, it really isn’t. It takes time for us to do the groundwork to get this new system up and running, to teach you all about it, and to then implement the process.

The first step of this process is for you to sign and return your Consent for E-signature Form. Last week and this week you received emails and text messages from us with the link to that form.  You need to click on the link, print the form, fill it out, sign it, and return it to us as soon as possible.  If you missed it, click here

In the near future, you will receive an email with a link to the re-enrollment contract. Please note that families with multiple children will receive multiple emails (one per child). You will click on the link, read the contract, sign/initial/date in the indicated spaces. Next, you will be prompted to an online payment screen. After selecting and providing your payment information, you will click Submit and you will have successfully re-enrolled your child in school. You will do the same for each subsequent child if you have more than one child enrolled in school. It’s that easy. Families in the process of applying to add another child to school will receive enrollment contracts in February for children who have been admitted.  

Speaking of new students, it is very important that when you receive your online re-enrollment email that you re-enroll immediately.  Many of our classes are at capacity this year and we have a tremendous number of applicants seeking a space in school for next year.  As an example, we have 44 fifth grade students moving into 6th grade.  In grade six we can only accommodate 48 students.  We have already received 10 applications, for strong student candidates, for grade 6 for next year.  On February 1, we will begin announcing acceptances for new students.  Any current students who have not re-enrolled for grade 6 will then be in jeopardy of losing their space in class to an incoming student.  This scenario is also true for most of our grade levels.  This is a wonderful situation for the Admission Office, but not a good problem for you and your child if you do not re-enroll on time.  Please avoid losing your child’s space in class by re-enrolling on time.


Dr. Ami Eskanos
Dean of Admission

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