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ACT Science Crash Course Helps Juniors and Seniors Prepare

For the next two weeks, the juniors and seniors will be participating in an ACT Science Crash Course to help students prepare for the ACT science section. The science section is the one that poses the most problems for students nationally. Luckily, clear and easily teachable strategies for approaching the exam can be taught and can help improve student scores. Although ACT science prep has been done in many classes in previous years. This initiative will involve the entire junior and senior classes.

The intensive training in data analysis and reading of graphs, charts, and infographics is essential, not only for students who are taking the ACT, but also for students who intend to go into any field that includes data representation, and even non-science subjects like economics, history, as well as understanding the news and scholarly papers in many fields. Students will complete their course in plenty of time to sign up for an ACT if they have not already done so.

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