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10th Grade Israel Trip 2018: News & Updates

Thursday, April 19 & Friday, April 20 (Day 10 & 11):  Our 10th Grade Warriors spent day 10 of their journey visiting their families, having a beautiful BBQ at the Falic household, and had a VIP movie showing at Cinema City. On day 11, they visited the Gush Etzion Museum, and went rock climbing, and zip lining through Israel's beautiful terrain.

  • 10th Grade's Tenth & Eleventh Day In Israel

    BBQ with the Falics, Cinema City, Gush Etzion, Rock Climbing & Zip Lining

Wednesday, April 18 (Day 9): Our 10th Grade Warriors started day 9 of their journey with inspiring private tunnel tours in Jerusalem and got the inside view of the ruins of the Beit Hamikdash. Then, the students enlisted in basic training and were drafted by four different Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commanders and truly earned their stripes while going through a brutal boot camp, just to get a taste (and further appreciation) for what an IDF Chayal experiences. After training, they got ready for a huge Yom Ha'Atzmaut celebration at Sultan's Pool, an ancient water basin by the west side of Mount Zion, Jerusalem. There they celebrated Israel's 70th birthday with hundreds of other proud Israeli citizens. What a night!

Tuesday, April 17 (Day 8): After a full week in Israel the group woke up bright and early at 3:00 am to climb Masada. Thankfully, the entire group made it to the top of Masada within an hour. They then cooled off with a dip in the Dead Sea and enjoyed some free time at Malcha Mall. Later that evening, they toured Ammunition Hill and participated in a Yom Hazikaron ceremony.

  • 10th Grade's Eighth & Ninth Day in Israel

    Masada, Dead Sea, Ammunition Hill, Yom Ha'atzmaut, IDF Basic Training

Monday, April 16 (Day 7):  The 10th Grade Warriors started their day with a meaningful Rosh Chodesh tefillah. Then they headed to Ateret Kohanim, where they visited the Kotel Katan and Jewish houses that were repurchased in the Muslim quarter. They even spotted the home of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon z"l. The group then proceeded to Susya, where they sat in an ancient cave that has been abandoned for 1,200 years. Their last stop was in Chevron where they visited Maharat Hamachpela.

  • 10th Grade Seventh Day In Israel

    Rosh Chodesh, Ateret Kohanim, Ancient Susya, Chevron

Sunday, April 15 (Day 6):
 On Sunday, the group headed to the City of David where they walked through ancient underground water tunnels. Then, they visited Psagot Winery and made friends with a camel. After, they visited Eli, where the group spent some time in the Bnei David Yeshiva and spoke to one of the leading Rabbis of the institution. This particular pre-army Yeshiva has had some of the most amazing soldiers graduate. To name a few of the fallen heroes, Hadar Goldin, Roi Klein, Rav Udi Fogel, Benjy Hillman, Eliraz Peretz, and Emanuel Moreno (who to this day, they have not released a picture of him, for security purposes). They continued from there to Ancient Shiloh, where the students got a unique tour on how the archeologists discovered that the Mishkan (Tabernacle) actually stood there prior to Jerusalem. They ended their day with a special Alumni dinner where they met up with several Hebrew Academy graduates who are currently spending the year in Israel. 

Saturday, April 14 (Day 5): After a relaxing Shabbat in Jeruselam, the group headed out to Ben Yehuda street and participated in a surprise Kumzitz.

  • 10th Grade Fifth & Sixth Day in Israel

    Ben Yehuda, City of David, Psagot Winery, Eli, Ancient Shiloh

Friday, April 13 (Day 4):
On Friday, they visited Yad Vashem where they paid respect to the six million who lost their lives during the Holocaust. They also had a walking tour of Har Herzl and paid respect to the pioneers, soldiers, and leaders who gave the ultimate price for this country. They also got a special visit from Orel Jamil (Class of 2017) who is currently serving in the IDF. They also enjoyed the hustle and bustle of an Israeli Shuk and will be spending shabbat in Jerusalem.

Thursday, April 12 (Day 3): On Thursday, our 10th Graders commemorated Yom Hashoah at Atlit Detention Camp and stood in silence as the sirens wailed through Israel. The group then headed to Tel Aviv to spend time in Independence Hall, the landmark location of where the country was established while Ben Gurion declared to the whole world that Medinat Israel is for עם ישראל. They finished the day in Jerusalem and had their first visit to the Kotel, which proved to be emotional. 

  • 10th Grade Third & Fourth Day in Israel

    Atlit Detention Camp, Independence Hall, the Kotel, Yad Vashem, Har Herzl

Wednesday, April 11 (Day 2): 
Our Warriors started Day 2 with a hike up Mt. Meron and a visit to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's burial site, a great scholar who died on Lag BaOmer about eighteen centuries ago. Then, they had a blast whitewater rafting and headed to Mt. Bental to catch the beautiful scenery of the Golan Heights. They ended the day back at Kibbutz Lavi and held their own Holocaust remembrance ceremony.

  • 10th Grade Second Day in Israel

    Mt. Meron, Whitewater Rafting, and the Golan Heights

Tuesday, April 10 (Day 1): 
Our 10th Grade Warriors landed in Israel, stopped for their first group photo and headed North! They went back in time to that of the Mishna and visited Kfar Kedem in the Galilee. Everyone dressed in biblical garb, ground wheat, made dough into laffas, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and then went on a journey on donkeys. They also met up with their three Madrichim, Elad, Yehoshua, and Eran who will be traveling with the group through Israel for the next two weeks. 

  • 10th Grade First Day in Israel

    Kfar Kedem (North)
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