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Zaniac in Elementary Goes Full STEAM Ahead

Zaniac in Elementary Goes Full STEAM Ahead

Tinkering: K-1st-2nd:

This week on STEAM the children continued to work with Electronics and learned about electricity. They started with a review of what they learned last week, and discussed the INPUT bits and how those work to control electricity flow in their circuit. To experiment with the input the children built an Electronic Greeting Machine, with a power, button or dimmer, a servo motor, and a cut out of their hand. All the children are loving the Tinkering activities and participating in our discussions about electricity!


In Grades 3-5, students continued to work with Scratch and started a small basketball animation project that includes 3 sprites (2 characters and a ball). We reviewed the concept of Cartesian Coordinates that are critical in coding and how they affect movement of our sprites.

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