Young Ambassadors of the Hebrew Language

Two middle school students and three high schoolers represented the Hebrew Academy at the Young Ambassadors of the Hebrew Language 5th annual meeting at Katz Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton. They met with high school students from the hosting school and 8th grade students representing Brauser Maimonides. The goal of this annual meeting is to increase awareness to the learning and using of the Hebrew language as a tool of communication among teenagers from different schools and backgrounds and to form a group of young people who support Israel and the daily use of Hebrew language.

 The 20 students had discussions in Hebrew on current events relating to Israel and Hebrew, conducted team building activities, enjoyed lunch, and talked about issues that concern them such as posting on social media. The whole day was conducted in Hebrew.

 The selection of representative students was based on placement in honors level Ivrit class, ability to communicate relatively fluently in Hebrew, and student’s interest in participation. We are proud of Mendel Hazan, Eliyahu Koren, Yael Bendahan, Naomi Weiss, and  Ella Swirtz who represented our school this year.