Warriors of the Week: September 16-20, 2019

Mazal tov to our Elementary School Warriors of the Week! These students have been chosen because they are ready, respectful, and responsible they have been in and outside of the classroom.

And mazal tov to our Teacher Warrior of the Week, Reena Rabovsky!

The Warriors of the Week are:

Hailey Maya (Kindergarten)
Mia Delgado (Kindergarten)
Debbie Jaimovich (First Grade)
Tahel Weitsman (First Grade)
Ava Cahane (Second Grade)
Hannah Leibowitz (Second Grade)
Niv Israel (Third Grade)
Yakira Weiss (Third Grade)
Liel Weinberger (Fourth Grade)
Simja Hadida (Fourth Grade)
Joseph Kopel (Fifth Grade)
Emma Attias (Fifth Grade)
Hanna Brook (Third Grade)
Sophia Shapiro (Fifth Grade)
Zohar Holland (Fourth Grade)