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Typing, Personalized, and Blended Learning in Ivrit in Grades 3, 4 and 5

Typing is a skill that will help our students in all areas of their school as well as their future careers.

In our Ivrit department, with Morah Mazal, Jessica and Ortal, students in grades 3-5 are using their typing  skills in Ivrit for writing, games, and presentations.

In Grade 3, students work on stories in their workbook. They “copy” the story on their own computer generated document. In this way they are becoming familiar with the placement of the Hebrew letters on the keyboard. They then use their own Ivrit vocabulary to type a summary of the story.

In Grades 4 and 5, students are using Google slides to make presentations and powerpoints in Ivrit. These presentations are done individually and collaboratively in small groups.

Grade 5 students are expanding their horizons by incorporating their Ivrit knowledge to create Kahoot and Quizlet games in Hebrew.

Our students are incorporating personalized and blended learning into their Hebrew language studies.

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