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Torah Tidbits with Tirtza Schapiro

Tirtza Schapiro, High School Judaic Studies

In this week’s parsha Hashem instructs Moshe in the building of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle). There is a clear description that the Holy Ark be made of pure gold and the cover have two cherubs with childlike faces with open wings embracing each other. These instructions pose a very serious question. In the 10 Commandments we are clearly warned against ever making or owning any graven image of a person or animal as this is clearly considered idolatry! Yet here, the Holy Ark which will be placed in the Holiest place in the Mishkan would have a carved image and from there the voice of Hashem will be heard??

The Torah wants to teach us that when we embrace each other with love,respect and kindness therein lies the presence of Hashem. Miraculously, these cherubs would be facing  each other when the Jewish People were at peace with each other and at times of discord the cherubs faced away. The sanctity of the Jewish people is visible when we behave with respect and kindness.

Tirtza Schapiro
High School Judaic Studies

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