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Third Grade Completes Parshat Chayei Sara, Rashi Comes to Visit


We wanted to share with you some exciting news about our Kitah Gimel. Right after tefilla on Wednesday morning, we learned the last few psukim in Parshat Chayei Sara.  The children then got up and proclaimed CHAZAK CHAZAK V'NITCHAZEK. This was the very first Parsha that they completed in their Jewish learning experience. Afterwards, they washed and had a Seudat Mitzva of bagels, cream cheese, and treats.

The highlight of the day was when they started learning Rashi on the very auspicious day of Shushan Purim Katan. Rashi himself graced us with his presence! For the final activity, we formed and baked cookies with our names in Rashi letters. We hope they make it home and were not eaten on the way.

After lunch, we had an amazing virtual class with IsraEd in Eretz Yisrael. We  visited Beer Sheva, Yerushalayim, Chevron, Kiryat Arba and Bet Lechem. We saw many of the places that we have been learning about.

The delicious treats that parents sent in will be distributed throughout the next few days. In this way the sweetness of learning Rahsi will remain in our children’s mouths and hearts.

May we continue to have much nachat in the continued Torah growth of our children.

Morah Schochet, Morah Bensimon, Morah Elena

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