Our Little Warriors are Going Full STEAM Ahead!


Under the direction of ECE Director, Raquel Sultan, our little Warriors have been busting with activities that promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) learning. In our STEAM Lab, Morah Racheli Handler has included coding and robotics to our N3 and Pre-K curriculum. 

In Nursery 3, students begin the process of understanding and applying coding skills using robots such as; Codepillar and BeeBot. 

In Pre-K, our students interact daily with KIBO as they create simple to more intricate coding maps using all of KIBO's accessories. 

Coding is a 21st-century learning skill that can be applied to other areas of learning such as reading, math, and writing. Through these experiences, our students learn resilience and perseverance, build comfort with ambiguity and open-ended problems, and see failure as an opportunity to learn and innovate.