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Middle School Judaic Studies Update

In the Middle School Chumash class this past semester, the 6th and 7th grades have been studying Sefer Shemot, while the 8th grade continues to journey through Sefer Devarim. In Sefer Shemot, we have been studying  the descent of the Jewish people to Egypt and their early formation as a nation through slavery and redemption. The objective is for the students to have a strong understanding of the enslavement and redemption experience.

As we study inside the Chumash, along with commentaries, the students have created PowerPoints, 3D projects , and even taken on the role of being the teacher. Similarly, in the 8th grade the students’ focus has been on the last weeks of Moshe’s life, and learning about Moshe’s final directives to the Jewish people. This includes Moshe’s reviewing their experiences in the desert and building up the people's excitement about entering Israel. One of the highlights was an Aseretion Hadibrot project. The students independently learned a specific commandment and taught it to their classmates.

In Halacha the students have been busy with activities focusing on both the practical aspects as well as the deeper insights into the meaning of the Jewish holidays.  We are continuing this year with the pilot project program of the laws of “Bein Adam Lachaveiro” in partnership with Hesber. Students in 7th and 8th grades are afforded the opportunity to learn Halacha through a Hebrew/English source based educational resource program. Coupled with various hands on creative projects like bikur cholim brochures, Tefilin project, and gemilut chasadim activities, the middle school is abuzz with chesed. The 6th graders are focusing on the History of Halacha with an emphasis on the period of Prophecy as it connects with the Navi we are learning.

The Middle School Mishna/Gemara program has generated new and exciting learning for our students. All grades began with a history and introduction to Talmud and the Oral Torah. The 6th Grade has been learning the Mishnayot of Eilu Mitziot and have been using an online platform to supplement the learning with videos, graphics and explanations. The 7th and 8th Grade have been learning the 3rd Perek of Bava Metziah (Hamafkid) which deals with the laws of watching property of others. Students have been introduced to the logic and structure of Gemara.

In Navi, the 6th Graders are learning Sefer Shmuel as part of their Halacha class. They have learned about the power of prayer, the story of Chana, the birth of Shmuel and the request for the first Jewish King. The 7th and 8th graders are continuing through the books of Shmuel Aleph and Shmuel Bet on. All the Navi classes are supplemented with online review questions and material.

This year in Middle School we have four different groups for Tefillah. This semester the 6th Graders will be spending a Friday class learning about Tefillah.  The 7th and 8th grade Tefillot classes are enhanced with discussions focusing on the important concepts of prayer, understanding of prayer, and the specific Tefillot.

Keep an eye out for upcoming special projects and presentations from our Judaic Studies classes!

Rabbi Rabovsky, Rabbi Galandauer, Rabbi Schwartz, Morah Kayla Schochet, Morah Rita Kotzer

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