Mechina Students Learn Hebrew Through New Eyal App

Our Mechina students began to use our new Eyal app which allows them to learn to recognize Hebrew letters, Hebrew vowels and how to blend them together to read a word.  Each student can progress at their own pace and work independently.  They engage in fun activities and are able to record themselves to ensure they are reading the words correctly.  They also learn how to write the letters as well.  We can't wait to see the progress our students make.

The Mechina program was developed in order to provide students who come from public school or a private school with a less rigorous Judaic background, a solid Judaic foundation.  The students are introduced to the Aleph Bet, basic Chumash skills, basic Ivrit, Davening, and Halacha. In Mechina our Judaic immersion program, students learn at their own level and then matriculate back to the regular classroom once their skills are on level.