Largest Number of Students To Be Inducted into the National Junior Honor Society

Each year the Middle School recognizes students who have qualified to be new members of the National Junior Honor Society. This week, thirty-five students were identified as being eligible to join this prestigious organization. This is the largest number of students the Middle School will induct into Honor Society since becoming a member of NJHS. The students have met all the requirements set forth by the National Honor Society academically by achieving a minimum average of 93% on their final report card from the previous school year. NJHS students must maintain the pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, character, and Torah. The induction ceremony will take place on Thursday, December 19, 2019, at 9:00 am, in the auditorium located on the west side of our Schwartz-Jacobs Campus

Pictured from left to right:

Top Row: Elizabeth Lozynskyy, Jaime Suster, Leora Bossewitch, Eliora Gdanski, Talia Herssein, Ariella Jaimovich, Rivka Reich, Mayan Abramov, Rachel  Davoudpour, Daniella Strohli, Orelle Elharar, Shaila Sterenfeld, Shana Winer, Chana Stiefel, Sophia Lurie

Middle Row: Ella Levy, Miriam Cohen, Devora Benveniste, Samuelle Wyler, Lilly Abrahams, Mimi Nahon, Ariella Nahmani, Elizabeth Ebner, Riley Spitz, Hannah Rothman, Ella Turetsky, Latife Wertheimer, Tehilla Schwab

Bottom Row: Benjamin Karp, Adam Michael, Mendel Hazan, Zachary Schuster, Kobi Fruhman