Lag Ba'Omer Fun in the Elementary Division

Lag Ba’Omer was a day of cheers and fun in the Elementary Division. Grades K and 1 visited our next door neighbors, the Miami Beach Fire Department. There they learned all about fire safety and had an opportunity to see the firefighters gear and trucks up close. From relay races to s'mores, from bonfire necklaces to Kahoot games, from stories to songs, our elementary school battled neck and neck to see which team could perform the challenges AND exhibit good sportsmanship and  Midot! The BLUE team scored the highest amount of points.There was an 8 point difference! Thank you to all of the staff who made this day so fantastic. Thank you Diana for picking up the treats and thank you to Rabbi Weberman who organized the day’s activities. On this Lag Ba'Omer, everyone was a winner enjoying popsicles to cap off an amazing day!