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Junior Book Awards

On Thursday, June 2, the High School honored a select group of Juniors at the prestigious “Junior Book Awards Assembly.” Many colleges and universities partner each spring with high schools to ceremonially present “College Book Awards” to outstanding Juniors. The recipients were selected by the entire Hebrew Academy faculty. Recipients are recognized for academic achievement, success, political advocacy, service, leadership, as well as in specific subject areas. These awards are given to recognize the next generation of leaders and to attract high caliber students who are likely to succeed in their respective colleges. The books awarded are often written by alumni or faculty, as colleges look for well rounded students who can contribute, succeed and make a difference on their college campus.

Harvard Club Book Award
Sara Reinberg

University of Pennsylvania Book Award
Owen Ebner

Brown University Book Award
Kayla Herssein

Brandeis University Book Award
Alexandra Smith

Johns Hopkins University Book Award
Emily Roller

Yeshiva University Book Award
Bennett Szafranski

Stern College for Women Book Award
Shoshana Stein

University of Rochester, Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award
Talia Baruch

University of Rochester, George Eastman Young Leaders Award
Joseph Allouche

University of Rochester, Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Ariela Sragowicz

University of Rochester, Xerox Award for Innovation and Technology
Yakira Guttenberg

Miami Herald Star Award
Yair Link

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