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Jewish National Fund Brings Ethiopian Jew to Speak at the Hebrew Academy

Naftali Aklum Speaks with Students

On Monday morning, our upper elementary and middle school students met a real live hero. Naftali Aklum and his family were part of the group of Ethiopian Jews who made aliyah to Israel via Sudan in Operation Moses. His brother, Ferede Aklum, was the first Ethiopian Jew to make the journey from Sudan to Jerusalem. Working with Menachem Begin, he set in motion a secret operation in which approximately 12,000  Ethiopian Jews were able to move to Israel. The soon to be released film, The Red Sea Diving Resort, is based on this incredible story.

Naftali spoke to the children and faculty about this incredible journey as well as his present life with his family in Beer Sheva. He shared his unique narrative of perseverance and fulfilment with the faculty during our luncheon during our PD afternoon.

With many thanks to Morah Mazal and  to Zohar, from the JNF, who worked together to bring this program to our school.

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