The Induction Ceremony of the ALEF Hebrew Honor Society

On Monday, March 2, 24 high school students were inducted into the ALEF Hebrew Honor Society. The Purpose of the ALEF Hebrew Honor Society is to recognize outstanding achievements in study of Hebrew language and literature, to stimulate study and advancement in this field, and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the culture of Israel.

To be eligible for selection to membership, the candidate must have completed a minimum of three semesters of regular level Hebrew language and maintained an overall grade of 92 or better. This year, the members of the Hebrew Honor Society took it upon themselves to create a Chesed project to raise money for the JNF. The new members of the ALEF Hebrew Honor Society are:

President: Tziyona Gheblikian

Treasurer: Alexa Szafranski

Secretary: Bailey Spitz

Jaclyn Nussenblatt Michaela Acevedo 
Sarah Safdie  Ella Zaret
Sherri Shahar Mary Berkowitz 
Oren Abramov Naomi Weiss
Yosef Fruhman  Hadassah Behar 
Yehuda Cohen Dominique Behar
Esther Nahon Yakira Wolfson
Daniel Ohana Naomi Ohana
Elisheva Otsman Dovid Leubitz 
Eliana Pollack Yael Bendahan
Alina Sterenfeld