Hebrew Academy to Celebrate Student Created Holiday "Yom Tzahal" for the Second Year in a Row

On November 5, our Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School divisions will be celebrating a special unique holiday, Yom Tzahal. This special day was designed last year by students in our fifth grade in response to the "Holiday in Cheshvan" contest. It is a day that we dedicate to wearing Tzahal colors, learn about the IDF, do special activities and put together packages and letters to be sent to the IDF in Israel. Since our students are aware of the combat aspects of the IDF, we have decided to add  another lens on our focus this year so we will focus on the Humanitarian Efforts of the IDF. Some aspects of the day will include:

  • All Elementary School students will have the opportunity to wear Tzahal- IDF shirts, sweatshirts, and, hats.
  • Students have been working with their media, music, art, PE and classroom teachers to make this day so very exciting. 
  • In Early Childhood, we will be dressing up in Tzahal colors and we will be collecting essential items to send to our soldiers. 
  • In the Elementary division there will be an assembly after tefilla where we will share information, power points, and sing IDF songs. Members of the faculty who served in the IDF will also be honored.
  • Throughout the day students in every class will be experiencing something unique and special. Our day will culminate with an assembly where the Pre-K, Elementary Division, and Grade 6 will present their special activities for all to see. During these assemblies, students will be meeting some exciting guests and have a surprise video from a former Hebrew Academy student now serving in the IDF.
  • In Middle School to celebrate Yom Tzahal, our students will be learning about the IDF and their humanitarian efforts in their Hebrew Language classes. Our 6th graders will participate in an afternoon assembly with the elementary school. Our division will all dress to honor the IDF. 

We are proud to recognize the IDF in this most special Yom Tzahal.