Gevurah Giants Announced for 2018-19

A big Mazal tov to our Gevurah Giants! This is an award with a trophy for overall excellent middot and for being ready, respectful and responsible on a consistent basis. The teachers choose a student who has done an excellent job in these areas all year!

Gevruah Giants for 2018-19:

Modi Strassman (Kindergarten)
Sami Sragowicz (Kindergarten)
Eitan Kadosh (First Grade)
Hannah Leibowitz (First Grade)
Liam Eliani (Second Grade)
Eli Weiss (Second Grade)
Ben Hoffman (Third Grade)
Ari Bryski (Third Grade)
Shalom Saka (Fourth Grade)
Addie Shwirtz (Fourth Grade)
Jonatan Berkowitz (Fifth Grade)
Dvir Twito (Fifth Grade)