First Grade Learns About Labor Day and Interviews Staff Members

This week the first graders learned about Labor Day. While many of us enjoy the day off work, most six year olds don’t know why school is closed. The students were introduced to the idea that everyone around them has a job to do. We read the poems Labor Day and It’s Labor Day, by Lill Pluta, and they enjoyed two read out loud stories “Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do”, by Deborah Hembrook, and Kathryn Heling, and “Whose Tools are These”? by Sharon Katz Cooper. The students discussed many types of jobs and  the tools needed to do those jobs. The children also described the various uniforms that certain jobs require. Finally, as a treat, the students had a surprise visit from some of our favorite “workers” around our school. They had a chance to interview them about their favorite and not so favorite part of their jobs. Thank you to all of our guests and for all the great work you do for our school every day. Happy Labor Day everyone.