First Grade Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Over the last two weeks, the first graders have been virtually traveling around Central America exploring 8 countries who are celebrating their independence this month (Sept 15-Oct 15). To honor those countries and cultures, the first graders learned all about what it means for a country to become independent. Each student received a passport booklet that they filled out as they learned about a new country and its fun facts. Some fun facts included: capital city, date of independence, traditional food, and currency. In addition, students created poster size flags using all types of art supplies and created a beautiful bulletin board in our classroom. As an extension to this Social Studies unit, the first graders watched three movies about three different countries from the series "Countries Around the World", those countries included Chile, Guatemala, and Mexico. One of the books that they heard was What can you do with a Paleta? by Carmen TafollaFollowing the read aloud, the students made Mexican frozen paletas which were enjoyed under the warm sun. Other books that they heard were Carmela full of Wishes by Matt de la Peña and Rene has two Last Names by Rene Colato Lanez. The first graders had a fun time discovering new countries and learning about the cultures that make our country so uniquely diverse and full of colors. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!